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Agriculture is the main economic sector of the Sharkovshchina region.
The regional agriculture is represented by 10 agricultural producers’ co-operatives, 2 agricultural production companies and 31 farms.
Engineering services are provided by Sharkovshchinsky agrotekhservice company.

Agricultural companies specialise in growing of grain crops, potatoes and flax, milk and meat production.

With the aim to implement the state village revival program the Sharkovshchina region has approved the list of the agro-towns to be developed in 2005-2010:

2005 – Bildugi and Luzhki
2006 – Germanovichi
2007 – Pyaliki and Iody
2008 – Vasuki and Raduki
2009 – Shiti
2010 – Velikoe Selo and Novoselye.