Address: 15, Komsomolskaya Street, Sharkovshchina, 211921
Phone: (8-02154) 6 13 48
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The Sharkovshina central regional hospital includes:

  • Central regional hospital,
  • Outpatient department,
  • Luzhki district hospital,
  • Luzhki skilled nursing facility,
  • 2 village ambulance stations,
  • 19 feldsher-midwife centres.

The central regional hospital featrues the following divisions: surgery, therapeutics, neurology, pediatrics, obstetric division, infectious disease and intensive care units and also clinicodiagnostic laboratory, a laboratory of serodiagnosis of virulent diseases, a physiotherapeutic room and an aftercare room, a hospital pharmacy and the Emergency Call service.

Address: 80 Engelsa Street, Sharkovshchina, 211910
Phone: (8-02154) 4-12-34
Fax: (8-02154) 4-35-24

The regional dental service is represented by a regional dental department and 2 dental rooms in village health facilities. The dental department includes several medical rooms as well as a dental orthopedic laboratory.

Address: 12 Vodopzanova Street, Sharkovshchina, 211910