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Culture and Mass Media

Culture department
Acting chief Sergey Raychenok
Phone: 8-02154-41571

There are 57 culture establishments in the Sharkovshchina region.

The culture establishments involve 119 creative communities, of them 19 are amateur groups, a folk chorus “Spadchyna”, a club of craftsmen “Talaka”, a folk song group “Luzhkauskiya pesnyary” of the village culture centre, a folk group “Kupalinka” of the village culture centre of Koshelovo, an arts group “Svitanak” and a national cuisine club “Grutsa” as well as 83 amateur groups uniting 767 people.

There is a culture museum in Germanovichi and Sikora’s museum. An exposition of the Germanovichi culture museum is located in the palace and park ensemble (a specimen of the 18th century architecture). The museum consists of four rooms featuring material and cultural values of the Sharkovshchina region: household articles, objects dedicated to life and work of Y. Drosdovich and other prominent Belarusians (M. Mashara, P. Kostukovich, T. Kirillov).

In 1988, the Sikora memorial museum was established in honour of the well-known selectionist in the village of Alashki.

The museum also includes an orchard with the total area of 3 hectares (more than 500 trees). The museum staff have arranged a seed-plot for fruit trees.

A crafts centre was inaugurated in Sharkovshchina in 2001. The Centre hat a branch in the village of Germanovichi. The main crafts are pottery, making clay toys and weaving.